Volkswagen Touran Timing Belt Problems

Problems mentioning the Timing Belt on the Volkswagen Touran
Timing belt replacement

at what mileage should the timing belt be changed?? apparently it was done at 60k. car now has 99k on it.

2005 se dti
Posted: Jan 1, 2013
Sore on fuel

my 04 touran has recently got very hard to fuel.roughly im getting 40miles to £5. i havent changed anything with the car, got new clutch and timing kit thats all.

2004 2.0tdi
Posted: Jun 3, 2013
Engine problem

The engine is going off when trying to put in reverse and some time braking then going off again.

2005 1.9 TDI
Posted: Oct 16, 2014
Engine starts to vibrate at stop. smell. exhaust symbol and esp come on. power loss.

it is chronic and has happened about 4 or 5 times. The lambda probe was changed 4 years ago. the spark plugs and spark plug cables were changed also. why does this keep happening?

2008 1.6 benzine
Posted: Jun 1, 2021
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