Touran heater
2003 Volkswagen Touran 1.9 tdi

ive replaced the heater resister twice and after a couple of days it blows and needs replacing again ??

Problem added: Nov 18, 2010 (11 years ago)
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Volkswagen Touran (2003)
1.9 tdi
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Some info on this fault ,might help you

Optional Information
Optional Information:
Year: 2006
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Touran 1.9 TD
Engine: 1896cc

Already Tried:
Fan/Blower would only work on (4), Had a new resistor fitted to Fan/Blower, all fan levels then worked for a couple of weeks, but then failed again. We did have the fan working on full (4), but that has now failed with no fan/blower at all now.

Hi the common fault on these is what you have done all ready with the resistor pack becoming faulty. In the past I have found that on some the actual fault lies within the fan blower motor itself. This starts to play up and causes the resistor pack top fail. This would explain why the resistor pack only lasted for a short period of time. To resolve this problem you need to replace the fan motor and the resistor pack again.

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