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2010 Volkswagen Polo Problem

The Problem

Avatar Kane425
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Hi guys.. i have a volkswagen polo year 2010
1390cc engine with air conditioning system
I just bought a litle apparatuse HH OBD car bluetooth diagnostic kit and i want to use it on my car
I downloaded Torque lite, Eobd facile, obd car doctor free but non of it can conect to the car
I plugged the kit and put the engine ON
Then get to conect on the application. . But it says "is the ignition on?"
"Is the obd kit support by tour car?"
Do you think its the kit which is not compatible or its the application been use??

Car Volkswagen Polo
Variant 1.4 petrol
Model Year 2010
Category Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
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Avatar 1/4drive
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Try another diagnostic unit and see if "it" connects.
But it wouldn't be the first time I've come across "No comms" from a car.


Avatar Kane425
Joined: 2 years ago | Fixes: 4 | Profile

Therefore it might be a defect in the apparatus itself ...
Will try to get another one and try it
Thanks buddy

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