Catalytic Converter, Alignment, & EPC too

2011 Volkswagen Polo Problem

The Problem

Avatar ANDYL3004
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2011 Polo owned from new, petrol, local commuting only. On way home warning lights started - the wheel alignment/traction (?) (Yellow) and Catalytic Converter (Yellow) came on together. I thought Id get home so kept going about ten miles. In last two mile EPC (Yellow) came on and the power was severely limited to the acceleration - it was chugging. I turned off the engine and turned it back on. the EPC remained off but the other two came on. The power was back though so I made it home but just before i got home the EPC came on again and limited the power again. Any ideas?

Car Volkswagen Polo
Model Year 2011
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Avatar 1/4drive
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Get it scanned for stored fault codes,
It's useless to speculate until then.


Avatar Kane425
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Hi andy.. ive a polo 2010 and me too i have the same problem. .. sometimes the Power steering goes off while driving for no reasons. . Have to turn off and restart the engine again...
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