Vauxhall tigra 1.4 twintop idle speed to slow
2009 Vauxhall Tigra 1.4 twintop

Idle speed is 500rpm need it turned up to 800rpm does anyone know how the idle speed can be changed on a Vauxhall tigra b 1.4 petrol twintop, car is serviced, throttle body has been cleaned, no error codes, op-com vaux-com software states default idle is 500rpm but there's no where in software to change this so can anyone help me out please

Problem added: Nov 25, 2021 (1 week ago)
Paul dutton
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Vauxhall Tigra (2009)
1.4 twintop
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Check the MAF , clean or replace if needed .
Sorry for got to say that the mass air flow sensor is new aswell
You might be able to do so with genuine Tech 2/ 3
I've contacted a couple of programmers and they stated there software doesn't have the function I need to reset the idle speed but they didn't say what they use
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