Engine cut out and won't start

2003 Vauxhall Signum Problem

The Problem

Avatar Peteyywat
Joined: 4 years ago | Profile

I was doing about 50mph when my car randomly cut out.
No previous signs just died on me.
Now I can turn the key fully and only battery light stays on.
Tried new battery and new alternator. Checked all connections and all fine?..

Car Vauxhall Signum
Variant 2.0t
Model Year 2003
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar gixerbob
Joined: 4 years ago | Fixes: 3 | Profile

I had a similar problem with a Mondeo, have you checked the relays sounds like its a relay that's faulty, also check all earth connections, also check the bigger fuses 70amp etc.
good luck!!

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