2000 Vauxhall Omega heater not heating!

Car: Vauxhall Omega
Year: 2000
Variant: 2.6 v6 cdx
Categories: Leaks & Noises
help, my heater has packed up and i dont know where to start!
hose leading to the matrix is hot and the return hose is tepid/cold
the system has been flushed during the summer due to oil cooler failiure and i am wondering if the matrix is sludged up!
dont know how i should unblock it, any helpful hints? i may be on the wrong track, please, please advise, im freezing!!!
thanks guys
Posted: Nov 25, 2007 (16 years ago)
Quite simply it sounds like the matrix is blocked. Have you flushed the system?
Posted Nov 29, 2007 (16 years ago)

Reverse flush the matrix, that is through the cold hose

Posted Dec 3, 2007 (16 years ago)

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