1991 Vauxhall Cavalier stalling

Car: Vauxhall Cavalier
Year: 1991
Variant: 1.8 GL
Categories: Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
car starts fine idles but stalls when driving replaced oil temp senser crank speed senser plugs leads coil amplifer and fuel pump run out of ideas.
Posted: Dec 29, 2007 (16 years ago)
hi there you havnt mentioned if is a 8v or 16v im guessing with you saying that its a gl its a 8valve engine so the common problem for these is a idle speed control valve / egr valve very common for stalling of the car first remove the valve located on the inlet manifold and clean it with some carb and injection cleaner then replace if the problem still persists then the valve will want replacing
Posted Dec 30, 2007 (16 years ago)

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