Auto reverse not engaging then drive
2013 Vauxhall Antara Auto 2.2 cdti 4 x 4

Literally brought our car yesterday. 51k on clock. Smooth ride home 79miles showing went down to 50 on a 12 mile drive. Anyhow got home husband put car into reverse to park up slight dirt slope it didn't want to reverse. So he put into drive it didnt want to move forward. Turned the car off and the on again and fine.
Haven't tried it again yet.
Should I be concerned.
Serviced 2 days ago. I'm just worried I've brought a dud car that I can't afford. If there is going to be an issue with the gearbox at the moment I can take her back to the dealer I guess. Thanks for any help. Jane.

Problem added: Aug 22, 2021 (9 months ago)

Vauxhall Antara
Year: 2013
Variant: Auto 2.2 cdti 4 x 4
Problem Category
Gearbox & Clutch

Replies and fixes

Straight back to the dealer about the problems . Do not delay , doing so will mean the faults are logged for any potential troubles down the line and subsequent warranty claims . Keeps you covered you to a certain extent by doing so .
Where do I stand by asking them to have the car back as it is obviously faulty.
I a so upset and angry by this.
Hey all.thought would update you.
The follo day Sunday I went to go to work and within 2 miles the car had lost lower. Revs but no acceleration. I stopped turned off and on and it started again so I headed for home. 20 mins for 2 miles as it lost acceleration 3 times. The last being I had to coast down the A443 to home. The garage has taken the car back and I have my car back I traded in. So in some ways I'm lucky it happened straight away.

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