Ecu light on missfiring

2003 Vauxhall Agila Problem

The Problem

Avatar Trevtron2011
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Bought car had problems so took to garage for gear change cables , oil change and oil filter, they also said that timing chain had been replaced at some point damageing the cam shaft so had 1 new cam shaft and lifters fitted , when I went to collect car the car was not running smooth and the engine ecu light was on since then the garage have said its not the coil pack spark plugs already changed they say number 3 cylinder not getting any petrol ecu fault they took car to vauxhall who say ecu ok coil pack ok could be loom fault has anyone any idea where I can start to look as collecting unfixed but with bill from garage this week,
I have avo meter and am ex TV and video engineer so could follow any help offered
Many Thanks
Desperate Me

Car Vauxhall Agila
Variant 975cc petrol manual
Model Year 2003
Category Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
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Avatar whittingehame
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If car was running allright and the ECU light off till they done camshaft and lifters ,I would get them to recheck timing .The also said ECU faulty and Vauxhall said not . I would take car to a garage more qualified , equipped and capable of diagnosing and rectifying faults.Did they not scan car ? Dont know how replacing timing chain would damage camshaft .


Avatar Trevtron2011
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Thankyou for reply, picked car up today from garage, yes a good garage, saw paper work from vauxhall saying not ecu fault they have tried coil,plugs and injectors.

Car from cold drove fine for a mile then ecu light came on flashed first then stayed on and car was running on 2 cylinders only.

They say take it to auto electrician and are saying about £200 to pay them but as not fixed have not paid so far.

the cam shaft had dents at one end, they showed me it.!

compression was normal so far paid £900 for car and then £650 on the work carried out the light was not on before cam shaft replaced vauxhall say it does not need reprogramming.

Thanks again


Avatar Trevtron2011
Joined: 8 years ago | Fixes: 2 | Profile

Sorry forgot to say that ecu, coil pack plugs injectors had all been changed to no avail fault stayed the same
thanks again

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