Intermittent screeching noise from offside front wheel while driving.
2007 Vauxhall Agila 1.2

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Problem added: Jun 5, 2021 (3 months ago)
Will drive for miles without problem. When it becomes noisy, it can be quite loud. Pedestrians turn to see where noise comes from. Could it be a ball joint on steering? or wheel bearing? Is it safe to drive to nearest Vauxhall garage? It's at a friend's house in Plymouth now
Car: Vauxhall Agila
Variant: 1.2
Model Year: 2007
Category: Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres
Leaks & Noises
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Jun 6, 2021 (3 months ago)
Could be brake pads or your other suggestions , though you would think it would show up in steering when driving apart from noise . Some males of disc pads have " screamers " that do as the name suggests when pads get worn to a certain limit to let you know they need replacing . For peace of mind , jack up and check no excessive play at wheels before taking to garage . You could take it to a good local , independent garage for checking and repair rather than VX dealership and probably save a fair bit on cost if just a run of the mill repair .
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Jun 6, 2021 (3 months ago)
Or... Get a local mobile Tech to call and check the car. You might have just picked a stone up and it's jammed between the brake caliper/shield.
If in doubt ***** check it out 👍
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