1993 Toyota Urban Cruiser Lucida estima Timing belt

anthony Hunt
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Problem added: Jan 15, 2020 (5 months ago)
Hello my timing belt snapped on tick over"1000rpm' just cut out no banging or anything : I was underneath at the time checking the exhaust ' if I just get the belt done and water pump and see what happens " well that's what iv been thinking? If the valves are bent " can't make my mind up ' is over £1.500 to £2000 for engine reconditioned ' yes the car is worth no were near that " but iv had it 16 years and looked after it " and had the belts done " but 5 years ago ' it's done 79 .ooo miles since 1993 ' what would you do " thank you

Car details
Car: Toyota Urban Cruiser
Variant: Lucida estima
Model Year: 1993
Category: Engine & Drivetrain

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Fixes: 12,408
Jan 15, 2020 (5 months ago)
Dont know what engine you have in that car , whether interference or not .


1.5L (1A-C, 3A-C & 3E) Interference
• 1.5L (3E-E & 5E-FE) Non-Interference
• 1.6L DOHC (4A-F & 4A-FE) Non-Interference
• 1.6L DOHC (4A-GE & 4A-GZE) Non-Interference
• 1.6L SOHC Non-Interference
• 1.8L Diesel Interference
• 1.8L DOHC Gasoline Interference
1.8L 7AFE, 4AFE, 4AF – Non Interference
• 2.0L Non-Interference
• 2.2L Diesel Interference
• 2.2L Gasoline Non-Interference
• 2.4L Diesel Interference
• 2.5L Non-Interference
• 2.8L Non-Interference
• 3.0L Inline 6 (Except 1998 2JZ-GE) Non-Interference
• 3.0L Inline 6 VVT-i (1998 2JZ-GE) Interference
• 3.0L V6 Non-Interference
• 3.3L 3MZ-FE V6 W/ V VTi – Interference
• 3.4L Non-Interference
* 3.5L V-6 Non-Interference
• 4.7L Interference
anthony Hunt
Fixes: 93
Jan 15, 2020 (5 months ago)
thank you " Mine is an interferences engine
Fixes: 12,408
Jan 15, 2020 (5 months ago)
Occasionally if you are lucky , especially with engine only idling , you might get away with no bent valves . You could replace the belt only and fire up the engine , hoping all o.k .Then take it from there in replacing the water pump or not ..If you have to pull head and do valves it's hard to price till you strip and examine for damage . Then it's decision time and really depends on car overall condition , Mot and other factors whether to go ahead or not .Not a big financial outlay if you were doing it yourself but far different putting it into a garage Hope you get lucky and only need a belt kit .
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