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Oil light indicator on
Jun 22, 2014 (5 years ago)
CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.....Greetings everyone,i bought a Skoda Fabia 14 16v ...i am having an issue,the oil light came on when i was driving,i heard a beeping sound & the car cut out. I tried to start it back but the engine did not start..i waited for a few minutes then it started & the flashing brake light came on the dash board....i changed the oil,the level is fine but the oil light is still on,now the ABS light is on. The mechanic took out the oil unit & tested the oil pressure & that is fine. When the car is idling no lights on the dashboard are on..its only when i drive,that the lights come on. I test drive the car again the lights came on & the beeping sound,but it did not cut out this time(oil & brakelights on dasboard are still on).

Car: Skoda Fabia
Variant: 1.4 16v
Year: 2003
Category: Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Jun 22, 2014 (5 years ago)
Quite a few posts around d about the oil light issue but no one has posted a solution. I would say change the pressure switch. You can't risk an issue with oil pressure. I had a frontera that would just stop pumping every now and then. I had to stop and reward.
May be the pressure was OK when the mechanic checked it.doesn't mean it fails later on.
Don't risk it!

As for the other light I would get the codes read to be sure vag.com code readers are quite cheap now.
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