Intermittent drip

2001 Seat Leon Problem

The Problem

Avatar Jk21
Joined: 1 year ago | Profile

Every so often when I switch engine off there is a small drip of water where I have parked.the car is flashing up coolant low.I have checked it and its fine.temp gauge does not move from the halfway isn't doing it all the time just wondering what if anything it is

Car Seat Leon
Variant 1.4s
Model Year 2001
Category Leaks & Noises

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Avatar whittingehame
Joined: 9 years ago | Fixes: 12,010 | Profile

If you have air con and been using it ,that could be the water your seeing as it drains . Perfectly normal .Low coolant warning could be a faulty sensor .If no air con . pressure test cooling system for leak .

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