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2003 Renault Megane Problem

The Problem

Avatar DaveyD
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Was wondering if someone might have an answer for me before i spend money! I bought a Renault Megan 1.6L Last night, and when driving it home, noticed that when I deaccelerate a noise from the rear of the car happens. Its not loud and kind of like a sqeeking noise but only when i deaccelerate, and only lasts for a couple of seconds. I just dont want to drive a car that is dangerous or will cause an accident. Anyone able to help?


Car Renault Megane
Variant 1.6
Model Year 2003
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar bustedknuckles
Joined: 7 years ago | Fixes: 1,458 | Profile

Are you able to recreate the noise by bouncing it ,if so you could get a friend to try and bounce it while you look for the noise.It could be anything I doubt any one can give you a answer to this .


Avatar Alex h
Joined: 6 years ago | Fixes: 4 | Profile

Could be the brake brake pads sticking in the carriers if discs and pads are fitted on e rear quite common for pads to be stuck in carriers if so requires strip down and clean up or it could be rear shock absorbers.

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