Car not starting un aided
2004 Renault 14 Kangoo 1.4

The Kangoo was driven when the petroltank was on reserve. The car was quite sluggish and than proceeded to stall. After managing to get car home the engin did not turn over. Since checking battery, topping up fuel and changing spark plugs the engin now turns over but still does not start. If the car is jump started and petrol is poured over the air filter the car manages to start but not for long. As the car starts to idle it then stalls and the whole process has to start again. What should I do, what do you think is wrong? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Problem added: Mar 12, 2009 (13 years ago)

Renault 14 2004
Variant: Kangoo 1.4
Problem Category
Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

Replies and fixes

sounds like the fuel pump may be faulty or you may have clogged it up when running it low on fuel also check the fuel filter and listen out to see if the fuel pump actually runs
Answered Mar 14, 2009 (13 years ago)

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