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Engine cut out when warm

Car engine cuts out and coasts to a halt. Will restart after a few minutes and will go another 10 miles. Problem intermittent but when engine is warm. Hazard ligthts now come on when car is opened on ...

2007 2.0 HDI
Posted: Aug 25, 2023
Brake rear light not working even while stepping on the brakes

Brake rear light not working even while stepping on the brakes.. Secondly when the car is in park mode while the car is working and i stepped out of the car. On getting back the gear won't go to driv...

2010 3.0
Posted: Apr 10, 2023
Transmission problems, long gear delay

Difficulty shifting from one gear to another and loss of power climbing a hilly toad

2009 2.2L 4cyl
Posted: Jan 2, 2023
My 607 will start and drive well but when I want to turn it off it will still be on even when I remove the key

Will start and drive but when I pack and turn it off it will not go off even when I remove the key it will still be on and you can even drive it.

2002 EW12
Posted: Feb 24, 2022
Display screen keeps turning off

Start car and display tries to come on then after a few moments turns off then back on then off then on but turns radio off and on and speedo display flashes up kilometres for a sec the goes back mpg ...

2005 2.2 hdi se auto
Posted: Mar 26, 2021
Can't get the reset of time/date etc to hold after reset on battery replacement. Same problem on hour change.

Initially the hour change would not register. Now on a battery change all the time/date items have initialised and when changed to correct settings will not hold.

2007 2.0 Hdi
Posted: Nov 7, 2020
Double signal lights constantly lightning

my peugeot 607 was smoking and computer box was removed and reprogrammed/replaced. since then, the smoking haults but the signal lights continue to flash.

Posted: May 26, 2018
Engine not firing

My engine starts but when you trottle, the engine does not respond

Posted: May 25, 2015
Won't go into drive but will go in reverse

Won't select drive or go into drive but will go into reverse and slips out of gear when driving

2005 2.2hdi turbo diesel auto
Posted: Dec 16, 2014
Not start when is warm

my problem is:not start when is warm.. i had check battery,starter. i had change fuel filter. regulator valve on fuel pump. some hose for fuel. the camshaft sensor. i put again road diesel.befor...

2003 2.2hdi
Posted: Nov 29, 2014
Passenger compartment heater

hi, i have lost both heater fan and air con at same time. no fuses are blown. car has climate control which seems ok just not blowing any air. would appreciate any help. thanks.

2007 16valve 170bhp diesel
Posted: Mar 31, 2012
Engine sometimes sticks at 4500 rpm

on three occasions and without any unusual driving the engine has reved up to 4500 RPM and would only stop if the ignition is switched off. specilaist says the accelarator pedal module is faulty (£58...

2006 2.0 HDi Exec Manual
Posted: Jan 23, 2012
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