Engine knock
1999 Peugeot 406 HDI

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Problem added: Aug 14, 2010 (11 years ago)
Please help. im v worried, the car has been running great and yesterday out of no where can this knocking noise and a sound like some thing is catching around the engine, the oil, and everything else is at the right levels,we went to wales and put some fuel in at a little garage, could it be that im too scared to drive it :(
Car: Peugeot 406
Variant: HDI
Model Year: 1999
Category: Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres
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Aug 14, 2010 (11 years ago)
A common fault on that car was the crankshaft pulley .Might be worth checking .
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Aug 15, 2010 (11 years ago)
I have also known sudden premeture main bearing failure on those engines, if you remove the ancillary belt(alternator belt) you can physically grab hold of the crank pulley and the whole crankshaft will move with the pulley
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Jan 8, 2011 (10 years ago)
Could anyone help? My peugeot 406 1,8 16V
is running OK when the engine is cold, after a
few minutes when the engine is warm the engine starts to misfire and to lose power. Spark plugs
are OK and Lambda sonda is fine to.
Thank for your help

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