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2001 Peugeot 406 2.0 HDI Estate

I recently got a spare key cut for the Car. It works the Locks fine but does not start the Car. It shows an Immobiliser fault if I try to start the Car with it. Does anyone know if I can programme the key mysalf and how to do it or does it have to be done by a Peugeot Dealer. Thanks.

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Peugeot 406 (2001)
2.0 HDI Estate
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Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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first is it a transponder key or just a blank cut to fit, if it is a transponder key 9 times out of ten its a trip to the dealers most garages do not carry the right diagnostic equipment to programe keys
It does not have a remote but it would have a Transponder. It was supplied by a Locksmith.
you need a transponder chip in the key and to have the key learnt to the car. To do this you will also need the transponder code and a trip to a dealer.
Hi, im suprised to hear you obtained this key from a locksmith, they should have known full well the key will need to be programmed. The key should contain a small black carbon transponder chip which will need to be programmed to the car with a diagnostic tool.

The main dealer can complete this task for you if you can take the car to their workshop. Alternatively you could have an auto locksmith come to you and program the key for a similar price. An auto locksmith is very different from a general domestic locksmith that may have originally sold you the key.

I offer an auto locksmith service throughout the UK. If you have any questions im always glad to assist. Im new on this forum and not sure if it permits me to add a link to my site, maybe someone can advise me for future posts?

Best of luck

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