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Headlight levelling - service light on dash

Need the Part No 1608709580 - headlamp levelling control module. I believe the part is also same on Mitsibishi Outlander and the Citreon C5

2010 GT 2.2 diesel
Posted: Mar 22, 2023
Rear final drive piloted clutch

Engine management light comes on and shows this code

2009 2.2
Posted: Sep 15, 2021
Keyfob intermitent

hi all, the remote fob sometimes unlocks/locks the car then stops working, I have changed the batteries but fault still appears, also when I have to use key to unlock car only drivers door unlocks a...

2007 2.2 gt
Posted: Nov 26, 2014
Restricted reving

all of a sudden it will not rev over 2500 and acceleration very slow have checked on diagnostics and no fault comes up

2007 diesel manual
Posted: Nov 17, 2014
Excessive clutch pedal travel

The clutch pedal has totouch the floor before you can change gear, it bites after only about 1" release from that position. It has been back to the dealers who have fitted a Peugot modification, but i...

Posted: Sep 7, 2008
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