Clutch worn out
2007 Peugeot 207 1.4

The clutch has worn out after 22K miles, peugeot say its regular wear and tear and will not help to replace it under warranty even though Im still within 3 years warranty, Peugeot accused me of bad driving but Ive had various cars and never had clutch problems. I had a renault for 7 years did 78K miles and never had clutch problems. This model has other issues, drinks petrol, defo not getting average MPG and the car is sluggish and far to heavy for the 1.4 engine. Looks nice but no substance to this pile of junk

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Peugeot 207 (2007)
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the clutch bearing runs on a tube, its a common fault for the tube to become damaged and stop the bearing sliding correctly causing clutch to fail, my 206 did although at high milage, also peugeot dealer should say "well remove the gearbox to see what has caused the failure if its a faulty part peugeot will pay under warrantee, if its down to driver error youll have to pay ! do you agree to this?" thats the law try another pug dealer,,, hope this helps
Unless there is a mechanical fault with clutch assembly or something other defect like oil on plate , causing clutch slip , you won't get it replaced under warranty .It's not only Peugeot , all franchise dealers operate this policy .
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I bought a 207cc with 21000 miles from Robins and Day last November. This month, at aprox 26000 miles, the clutch began to slip. I was prepared to argue my case, and even contribute to the cost....BUT, Robins and Day replaced the clutch without a quibble, sorted the squeaky roof and even washed the car. They also let me have a new courtesy car. Well done Robins and Day.

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