2008 1:2 Allure (petrol) False warning lights
2014 Peugeot 2008 Allure

2008 1.2 Allure (2014) has intermittent and currently daily problem with various warning lights coming on, when either there is no fault or (on 3 occasions only) genuine faults 1)one tyre pressure was very low, and 2)key battery needed replacing 3) service due. All those lights still come on (plus various others!) even though tyre pressures fine and key battery replaced, and full service done! If they stay on I get them looked into. If they go off I ignore them - so annoying!

Problem added: May 1, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
E Roughton
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Peugeot 2008
Year: 2014
Variant: Allure
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Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights

Replies and fixes

Should never ignore warning lights , Have you reset the service light ?
Thanks for replying.
Lights have been checked and garage confirms no need to check unless the lights stay on.
The service light and the other lights only started appearing a few weeks after a service.
Could check the light was reset , often not

Replying to post by whittingehame:
Could check the light was reset , often not

Hi, many thanks for your helpful suggestion and the link. The lights only started coming on about 3 weeks after the service, so garage must have reset after the service. But I did try your suggestion … unfortunately I still have Blackpool illuminations!
Have you had your car battery voltage checked ? Often a low battery can cause all sorts of gremlins with todays electrics in cars .

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