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1998 Nissan Terrano Problem

The Problem

Avatar junk
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When i drive in 2 wheel drive i get a whizzing sound coming from n/s front wheel. It then starts banging as though trying to go into 4 wheel drive. If i then select 4 wheel drive and put it back into 2 wheel drive its ok. If i stop or reverse and then set off forward again i have to go through same procedure, selecting 4 wheel drive then 2. I cannot simply drive in normal 2 wheel drive or it starts grabbing and banging again. The problem always developes when either the engine is switched off or i reverse i have to go through procedure every time or it simply makes one hell of a noise from front end. Can anyone help?
By the way its perfect in 4 wheel drive.

Car Nissan Terrano
Variant 2.7 diesel
Model Year 1998
Category Leaks & Noises

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Avatar bustedknuckles
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Does it have lock up function on front hub,s as could be locking up.or worn,broken c.v.joint.

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