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2000 Nissan Terrano Problem

The Problem

Avatar raesteyn
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Hi There

I bought my Terrano a month or so back and it am curious about some of its quirks and hoping they are not to serious. Firstly, when revs reach a certain point, there is a rattling/grating noise as it speed up... is this normal? It sounds almost like a tin of pennies is being dragged beneath the vehicle.

Second issue is the ABS light and the brakes themselves, whenever I hit a bump (curb or speedbump type scenarios) the light comes on and it feels as if the brake peddle is being pushed past a moving gear (if that makes any sense) - its almost as if it is grinding into something, but only on bumps or when the vehicle is at a certain angle.

The engine fualt light has also been popping up lately but goes away after a few hours, I am hoping that it is linked to the nats system as all it does at the moment is send my hazard lights into a frenzy (as opposed to immobilising the vehicle and sounding an alarm).

Any insight from you chaps would be greatly appreciated.

Car Nissan Terrano
Variant 2.7TDi Manual
Model Year 2000
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar 1/4drive
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On that description the first thing I'd be lookig at is the turbo vanes/bearings,second would be the camchain/tensioner.
The abs sounds like a faulty/loose sensor connector.
The turbo's easy to check,take of the ducting and feel if the impeller can be moved up/down,shouldn't be more than slight play,too much means the bearing is shot,seals not far behind.
camcahains do wear but I rekon you'll be able to see where the impeller blade on the turbo have been in contact with the housing.
Bad news if I'm right,the only way this happens is far too few oil changed.

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