2005 Nissan Terrano - Not starting if it does smokey and not reving over 3000 revs

Terrano 3 litre di se Problem
The Problem
wynn hammond

Not starting if it does smokey and not reving over 3000 revs
Feb 8, 2012 (7 years ago)
help please . suspect fuel injector pump problem. helped a friend recover his broken down car late saturday night. at the time i was low on diesel so emptied some out of a scania diesel tank travelled 60mile no problems by the time i got home the warning diesel light was on again. monday morning went to garage and put £20 worth of diesel and got back to yard ok. mid afternoon went to drive home would not start. engine management light came on. bump started the 4x4 but was chugging and smoking badly would not go over 3000 revs and very lumpy. all my loacal nissan garages are full booked for two weeks. have changed fuel fillter put diesel remaining in glass jar looks ok. i have check the receipt to see if i had put petrol in it which i did not. a local garage has tried to put it on there computer they think it is the fuel pump as well. is there anynthing else to check on the pump or in the tank. years ago i had a 2.7 td maverick and the pump went on that too but that was down to dirty diesel in our yard tank which i only use for lorry diesel.

Car: Nissan Terrano
Variant: 3 litre di se
Year: 2005
Category: Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Feb 8, 2012 (7 years ago)
take it to an independant garage they will be glad to help you out, it really needs a code read first, The fault may not be related to the pump so see what faults come up before you start replacing parts
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Feb 9, 2012 (7 years ago)
Check your EGR,it's down under the rear of the inlet manifold,you should hear a bzztd when key on engine off,no buzz then the EGR spindle is siezed,and if it's siezed in the open position the the riser pipe from the EGR to the back of the inlet manifold will be warm/hot when running.
I cheat when I test it,I fit a blanking plate in the EGR to manifold flange,temporary only!
If smoke and running problems dissapear it's confirmed,not cheap though,around £500 + the dreaded if I remember right.
Nissan consult is a must though,the injector pumps are not the cheapest to overhaull,better to be certain!
And don't remove the inj/pump without locking the idler gear,it kind of resets itself and then you cant reuse it,another £200+
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