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My Nissan Almera has no spark change the crank and cam sensor..The oil light stays on if I switch of the car.Check the wiring is ok.wat could be the problem please help me

My Nissan Almera has no spark.Change crank sensor and cam sensor.Check the wiring is ok .Also the oil light stays on we I turn off the engine.Coil 1 and 4 get very hot wen i turn on ignition.Please he...

2003 1.6
Posted: Jan 24, 2022
Car wont start immediately.fuel smell

car wont start immediately.smell of fuel flooding

2005 1.8
Posted: Jan 13, 2022
My gear 3 is coming out when accelerating and my gear 5 when u want ro gear down its too stiff but easy when u gearing down when the car is almost at 20km per hour

Gear 3 comes out when u accelerating but when u hold the gear lever its okay.gear 5 its stiff when you doing change down

2005 1.6
Posted: Dec 9, 2021
Engine is Cranking but not starting

When turning the key or the engine on, the car is cranking but not starting. The car is Automatic transmission, headlights are going on also even though they are off.

2017 1.5 petrol
Posted: Jun 19, 2021
Clutch problem

I have a Nissan almera 2006. It keeps breaking clutch disk, I have replaced clutch disk, pressure disk and release bearing but still same problem

2006 1.5
Posted: Apr 20, 2021
Gears not going in with or without ignition on,

this is being going on since it came back from Blackshaws of Alnwick. I have changed the gearbox oil, brake and clutch fluid and its still happening. I tried the gearbox with the ignition off and it...

2002 1.8 se
Posted: Apr 1, 2021
Car keeps shutting off

The car starts fine and idles well until you rev the engine then it stutters and cuts off. The car uses both CNG and regular gas but keeps shutting off on both fuel types. Changed the air flow sensor,...

2015 1.5
Posted: Feb 8, 2021
Noise on my left wheel

I have a problem with my nissan almera 2017, i changed the control arm and balljoint, then there was a problem with the bearing , i changed them. it started eating tyres outside and the is a noise on ...

2017 1.5
Posted: Jan 21, 2021
Heater not working

I’ve recently had a new battery and the heater now won’t turn on. I’ve pressed all the buttons, even took it to a garage who said they didn’t know. It say “off mode” which I’m not sure h...

2006 1.5
Posted: Nov 6, 2020
Engine running rough 70000 miles on clock

starts fine from cold stutters and misfires when warm changed air flow cam sensor crank sensor changed plugs air filter oil and filter still no joy

2002 1400cc
Posted: May 7, 2020
Fuse to Spark Plugs keeps Blowing

I have a 2001 Nissan Almera 1.8 automatic and the fuse to the spark plugs keeps going on it. I change the fuse and away I go. It's been into the garage and they have changed the Spark Plugs, checked t...

2001 1.8 Automatic
Posted: Apr 7, 2020
Non starter

There is no spark being produced at all. I have replaced all park plugs. There was a fault code read on ODB2 diag reader saying Crank shaft sensor failed. So replace this plus camshaft sensor, checked...

2005 1.5 Petrol manual
Posted: Mar 1, 2020
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