Engine will not turnover occasionally

2012 Mitsubishi Colt Problem
The Problem
Avatar REWAD
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When attempting to start the engine, it intermittently will not turn over. Problem seems to be resolved when automatic gear selector (on floor) is waggled a few times.
Could this be a fault with the inhibitor switch?
Any body else had this problem?

Car Mitsubishi Colt
Variant Colt Plus
Model Year 2012
Category Engine & Drivetrain
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Avatar whittingehame
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Sounds like it .Is it adjustable ? could be a wiring fault at switch also .

Avatar Roysmokie
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Hi I had a similar problem with my Mitsubishi Shogun, sometimes it turned over normally and started ok, other times it would click and running the gear lever through its positions it started but not every time, sometimes repeated turning of the key made it start. I mentioned this to a mechanic friend and he said it sounded like a "sticky" solenoid. Next time it happened I followed his advice and tapped the starter motor with the handle of a hammer and then try it. this worked every time (similarly jiggling the gear lever sends vibrations through the drive train and frees up the solenoid) . I removed the starter motor and used WD40 on the solenoid and operated it a few times without refitting the starter motor to make sure it was operating and then re fitted it and the problem has gone, 6 months on it still starts every time. It is quite cheap and easy to fit a new solenoid if required. Hope this helps.
Regards Roy

Avatar paulieone
Joined: 10 years ago | Fixes: 1,666 | Profile

it could be fault but could also be the selector not being adjusted properly

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