2002 Mercedes Benz CL 55 amg SRS Light

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SRS Light
Jan 21, 2011 (9 years ago)
When i start the the car or switch it off it comes up with 1 malfunction SRS.
What causes this light to come on??

Car details
Car: Mercedes Benz CL
Variant: 55 amg
Model Year: 2002

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Jan 22, 2011 (9 years ago)
could be a number of things like pretensioner and airbag connectors under front seats,drivers or passenger airbag,rotary coupler,you need to get a scan done to diagnose the fault properly
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Jan 22, 2011 (9 years ago)
Some info re fault ,

05-19-2010, 03:54 AM #2 (permalink)
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I have some experience on this.
SRS light cannot be reset by yourself.
You will have to go to the dealer with Merc STAR diagnostics for the reset.

I suggest you get the problem sorted first, otherwise it may keep occuring.

There are two possible causes.

1. Well documented connector problem under the seat, (sometimes listed as the passenger seat, but I cant be sure, you should find more info on this forum). There is supposed to be some mod for this from Merc.

2. The problem I had was with the steering column adjustment (not the seat). Again a bad connection between the wiring loom and a Ring connector. This is the ring connector which sits under the steering wheel and allows connections as the wheel is turned etc.

When first SRS light reset by Merc indicated that this ring connector (cant remember actual tech name) was faulty and needed replacing. The ring connector was not faulty, as it is a very simple ribbon connection device, but the connection to it was not 100%. I got under the steering colunm, and found the loom connector, tightend it, I also cut a tie wrap which I suspected had been too restrictive.

Hope this helps.

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