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Jan 1, 2014 (6 years ago)
My name is Michael Collins. As you know Mercedes does not sell a bearing for the supercharger clutch forcing you to purchase the entire clutch assembly costing over $1000. I have sent you this email to inform you that I have OEM Mercedes Supercharger replacement bearings for Mercedes AMG vehicles with the Kompressor supercharger.

The bearing fits the following models:

C 55 AMG 05-06, CL 55 AMG 01-02, CL 55 AMG KOMPRESSOR 03-06, CLK 55 AMG 01-02, CLK 55 AMG 03-05, CLK 55 AMG 04-06, CLK 55 AMG 98-00, CLK 55 AMG USA 01-02, CLK 55 AMG USA 02-02, CLS 55 AMG 06-06, E 55 AMG 03-06, E 55 AMG 05-06, E 55 AMG 99-02, E 55 AMG USA 99-02, G 55 AMG 03-04, G 55 AMG 05-11, ML 55 AMG 00-03, ML 55 AMG 97-99, S 55 AMG 01-02, S 55 AMG KOMPRESSOR 03-06, SL 55 AMG 03-06, SL 55 AMG 07-08, SLK 55 AMG 05-10

For The Kompressor Supercharger
Nachi Part #45BG07S5ALG-2DL
$80.00 free shipping or $95.00 delivered
My contact info:

Michael Collins
818 245.2166
email: amgmike2012@gmail.com

Car details
Car: Mercedes Benz CL
Variant: CL55
Model Year: 2005
Category: Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres

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