Mercedes Benz A Class Spark Plugs Problems

Problems mentioning the Spark Plugs on the Mercedes Benz A Class
Stutters loses power and stalls

i bought my first merc thought it was great when test drove. took it out for a good run and it stutters after a while, loses power which is extremly irratating especially in rush hour at roundabouts, ...

1999 a140
Posted: Apr 28, 2011
Engine stalled; starter will not turn over engine; waited 10 minutes and started turned over engine, engine started but stopped after drive engaged

No problem with car for several years; today engine stalled at 8:00 pm, lights on; rolled to edge of road; turned key fully anticlockwise and then clockwise to restart engine, heard click of relay but...

2004 190 petrol automatic
Posted: Feb 27, 2022
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What problems can be caused by faulty Spark Plugs?
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