Mercedes Benz A Class Accelerator Pedal Problems

Problems mentioning the Accelerator Pedal on the Mercedes Benz A Class
Speed limited to 33mph

Whilst driving normally with no problems the car suddenly lost power and would not drive above about 33mph independent of which gear was selected or depression of the accelerator pedal. Up to that spe...

2006 1.7 Avantgarde SE Manual 3Door
Posted: Jul 7, 2018
Engine stalled; starter will not turn over engine; waited 10 minutes and started turned over engine, engine started but stopped after drive engaged

No problem with car for several years; today engine stalled at 8:00 pm, lights on; rolled to edge of road; turned key fully anticlockwise and then clockwise to restart engine, heard click of relay but...

2004 190 petrol automatic
Posted: Feb 27, 2022
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What problems can be caused by a faulty Accelerator Pedal?
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