Warning lights and coolant

2002 Mazda Premacy Problem

The Problem

Avatar weestrawz
Joined: 10 years ago | Profile

Just arrived back from 2 weeks holiday. Father-in-law drove car to railway station (7 miles, no reported probs). When i drove the car back home the battery warning and engine warning lights illuminated and stayed on. Steering felt sluggish. Nearing home I noticed engine temp off scale. On parking up and switching off car wouldn't restart. Popped bonnet and noticed coolant actually boiling in reservoir! Left car overnight, started first time but both warning lights remain on and steering sluggish. Temp will probably go off scale again.
Back to work on Tuesday so any advice appreciated.

Car Mazda Premacy
Variant 2.0GSi
Model Year 2002
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Avatar mr suzuki
Joined: 11 years ago | Fixes: 685 | Profile

sounds like aux belt broken, water pump power steering pump a/c on aux belts.do not start till checked could blow head gasget

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