Alarm system is playing me up after i tow my caravan

2000 Lexus IS is200 sport
Car: Lexus IS
Year: 2000
Variant: is200 sport
Categories: Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
after i tow my caravan i keep getting warning beeps coming from the back of my car. this will go on for about a week , then the alarm system thats got a seperate battery back up goes off. how can i sort out this problem. help me im going nuts!!!
Problem added: Apr 30, 2008 (15 years ago)
dear andy
do you know who fitted towbar & electrics to your car?.have they used scothloks on wiring?. i'll explain what they are in case you're unfamiliar.they have a hinged body, usualy blue/red in colour, with grooves inside ( side by side, where the wires lay in ) you then close it up,with the wires now sandwiched & with that you insert a small thin metal blade, with two small v's on it designed to just cut through the wire insulation, you squeeze that home with a pair of pliers & finally snap it shut with the plastic lug , again hinged on it's body. get the idea.
after all that i'm going to tell you if you see any connectors of this kind, GET RID OF THE BLOODY THINGS they are the most unreliable connector on gods earth. one more piece of advice before i go andy, if you're not conservant with car/caravan electrics then best to hand job to a first class auto-electrician ( one who doesn't use SCOTCHLOKS )best of luck mate, let me know how you get on. regards dj dave.
Answered Apr 30, 2008 (15 years ago)
thanks dj
i will have to look into that.
the tow bar was fitted by dealer when i bought car so that would be an option but i dont want to loose the use of the car especially with the holidays on the way.
i have found a tempary solution by removing the ecu fuse and then replacing it. therefore resetting the alarm system then only using the spare keys to work the car. the spare keys arent set up for the alarm system. so my alarm isnt set, so it doesnt go off on its own.this is fine for the now but i dont want to keep it like that long term. thanks for your advice. will have a look for scotch locks at the weekend.
Answered May 1, 2008 (15 years ago)
hi andy
thanks for your polite reply, i'm glad to be of help & actually you've helped me as well. you see lately i've had computer problems & was not sure if comp was sending/receiving messages properly, but as your message got through it can't be that bad thanks andy. hope you get on ok, regards dj dave.
Answered May 1, 2008 (15 years ago)
i had an ls 400 with custom level settings for towing (above cd stack in the boot) does your car have same? if so the level sensor has to be reset according to your alarm setting otherwise the car thinks someone is trying to lift it up.. worth a look
Answered Jul 18, 2010 (13 years ago)

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