Water pump
1999 Land Rover Freelander l series diesel wth air-con

Engine has been overheating, no return flow to header tank. Removed water pump but looks ok. If turning the power steering pulley should the water pump impeller turn. What is the drive arangement between the power steering pump and the water pump.
I would be grateful for any advice.
Problem added: Jan 27, 2011 (11 years ago)
Phil Nunn
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Land Rover Freelander 1999
Variant: l series diesel wth air-con
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Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres

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follow return pipe from header tank and where it goes on manifold there is a small bearing inside tap it out and remove,water pump run`s on timing belt,i assume it is a k serie`s engine?
Answered Jan 28, 2011 (11 years ago)
no its a l series engine as stated in vehicle description,k series engine is different engine altogether,

All accessories, (PAS, aircon, water pump, vacuum pump, alternator) are all driven off a single poly-vee-belt drive with an automatic tensioner,
Answered Jan 28, 2011 (11 years ago)
did you get an answer to this freelander 2000 TD L series Pump removal I have exactly the same problem and would like to know the replacement process Cheers Peter
Answered Aug 15, 2011 (10 years ago)

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