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Avatar billywantstoknow
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I asked this question yesterday but didnt really grasp the answer tony t gave me so trying again. Drivers side brake light is out,ive changed the bulb and made sure the new bulb is correct and working but still no brake light.
It was suggested from what I can gather that the fault code on the dash has to be reset and it was said that it has to go to a main dealer for this to be done,unless I misunderstood the reply.
Does anyone know if this is correct or could in fact be the reason the light is still out.
I find it hard to believe that it in effect has to go back to fords to have brake light made work. Help please

Car Ford Mondeo
Variant tdci zetec 140
Model Year 2008
Category Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres

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Avatar Youngy
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try not putting the bulb in fully, so it feels tight, making sure theres a good connection with the bulb not being completely locked in


Avatar thomkas_cars
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its daft question but you have checked the fuses and make sure there the right bulbs as some have sigle element bulbs and others have twin element bulbs but iw ould check the fuses first just to be sure its connected securely and that you have power there

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