Car does not move when in Drive or Reverse after replacing gearbox oil seals
2003 Ford Mondeo 2.0 Auto

Hi all

My 2003 Mondeo 2.0 Auto (Vin WF04XXGBB42A17264) does not want to move at all after the gearbox was recently removed to replace the torque converter oil seal and the side shaft oil seals due to a leaking gearbox. The mechanic went and buggered up the gear selector / sensor as well, which has now also been replaced. Every time I have to order the parts for the gearbox via DHL from UK.

But the car does not want to move at all, not one bit when in D or R. As I am in Namibia, Africa, and this car was imported to Namibia, the local Ford Dealer cannot assist me, they don't sell automatics thus don't know automatic gearboxes at all.

Would be very grateful if someone would be able to tell me where the problem might be.

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Ford Mondeo 2003
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Probably dont want to get involved with someone elses botched job , understandable .Being a Ford main dealer they would be able to get info direct from Ford re. problem and possible causes , but really dont blame them for not getting involved now.I know very little about that box and only thing I have came across is this which also gives an aol contact which you might be able to get help from .Best I can do to help you .

Hi i rebuild auto gearbox,s for a living and i do lots of mondeo.
Problem could be the turbine speed sensors located in the back of the gearbox which is the oil pump,if you take the n/s wheel off you,ll see it.
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Turbine Shaft Speed (TSS) Sensor

The TSS sensor is an inductive sensor which sends a signal to the PCM indicating the input speed of the turbine shaft. This signal is used to control the torque converter lock-up clutch (TCC). It is also used to determine the setting of the static pressure of the electronic pressure control (EPC) during gearshifts.

Symptoms: No power flow through the torque converter or harsh shifts. No fourth gear operation and engine braking in second and third gear. May flash the TCIL.

Answered Sep 7, 2010 (11 years ago)

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