Occasional amber engine light on, and had the glow plug light flash??

2005 Ford Mondeo Problem

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Avatar Ross32
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I noticed only a few weeks ago, i been getting afew.... what id consider small issues? first time a month ago, i got the car go into limp mode for all of 5 seconds, after being in 3rd gear and dropping to 20mph on a 30mph road? and as quick as that light came up, it went off. 23rd of december, had the aux heater/glow plug/ injector amber light come on flashing, but not having me in limp mode, i had to go shopping for 20 minutes, started the car back up...and it was fine again, And today, again for around 5-7 seconds, the engine light came on, into limp mode, and drops straight out.....is my car going insane, or is it just playing up? any ideas would be good, as I'm off to my mechanic thursday as its booked in for its handbrake cable replacement...i was informed by another mechanic today to just turn on the electrics first, let the lights clear, and the amber engine light stays on, once the cars started, its gone??

Car Ford Mondeo
Variant 2.0 TDCi
Model Year 2005
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar 1/4drive
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Best get your mechanic to scan the ECU for stored faults.


Avatar Ross32
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Ok. Thanks for the advice, the last time the heater/glow plug/injector flashing light came up, he thought it was a wiring issue, but i didn't think that to start with, now its stayed on when the electrics are on...i been reviewing what it could be, could be a hose near the turbo, EGR issue, could be the obvious ones such as an injector or glow plugs, another mechanic wants to take the car out and run a computer onto it so its running realtime and hopefully the slight issue will kick up right away, but thanks for the suggestion.




Avatar stevebywood
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My Mondeo is in limp mode constantly and wont rev to any higher than 1500 before cutting out and glow plug light comes on flashing and the car cuts out.
Ive replaced EGR, fuel filter and done a turbo clean also had it on my OBO 2 and it comes up with a P1000 and that fault code isn't listed.
can any body advise me as I'm going insane.

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