Engine overheating after coolent bottle replaced, fan always overworked previously
2010 Ford Fusion 1596 cc auto

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Problem added: Oct 11, 2014 (6 years ago)

First post so very glad of any responses.

I bought my First car just 2 years ago.
It always revved high after being driven for more then 10 mins but only when I stopped driving, never noticed excessive noise while driving.
It also cut out once in very slow moving motorway traffic but started again after a few minutes.
Never any sign of temp problems.

I took it to the garage to be serviced and said about both problems, they found no strange engine noises no reason for it to cut out, serviced car said all good.
This was last year after I had car for a year.

Car due for second service now but before I could get it serviced the engine blew a lot of smoke and temp up as high as could register.

I stopped driving immediatly, let it cool down parked in car park 100 yards drive to parking space.

Called 24hour recovery took to local garage - lucky was one it was serviced in previously.

They said coolent bootle cracked fitted new one £45, I went to collent they said no, since then temp guage went to dangerous and car now left in garage to serviced on Monday or tuesday.

I have been reading here and see both the problems I mentioned to garage when serviced last year seem common so am annoyed they did not know what was wrong.

From reading here seems the noise was fan cooling down engine but temp never registered high so not sure, but noise was a lound whirring/rushing sound when engine off.

Very long post, sorry hope someone read, am panicking at the thought of cost of repair and think garage should have picked up on engine noise as a wanring last year.

Thoughts welcome as to what may be wrong and reassurance if revelant that cost will not be 100s or prepartion for huge bill.

Thank you

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Car: Ford Fusion
Variant: 1596 cc auto
Model Year: 2010
Category: Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Oct 11, 2014 (6 years ago)
I have read all this and ,sorry I do not understand your issue,wether it be an overheating or high revving one,?
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Oct 11, 2014 (6 years ago)
I agree ,hard to understand what problem/s you are concerned with .Coolant bottle may have been cracked for a while and leaking prior to overheating .If you had looked under bonnet every week or so to check the likes of w/washer level and glanced at header tank level , may have seen it drop and it could have been prevented ? The noise you mention could have been coolant fan as it will run for a short time after switching off if needed .May have blown thermostat and it could now need replacing .No way can you blame the garage after servicing it last year .If you were not happy with the service you should have went back last year and registered your complaints then .Impossible to estimate cost till you know what the faults are .
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Oct 12, 2014 (6 years ago)
Morning Thank you for your replies.

I think I have caused the confusion as I do not know what the engine noise was either.
After driving the car it would make a high whirring sound but nothing ever showed up on the dashboard and only seemed to make the noise when enginge switched off.

Reading here I think it was the cooling fan but I had it serviced and the garage said everything good in the engine.

The noise continued straight after the service so I never worried about it as the garage said everything ok, now I wish I had taped the noise and gone in with the recording so they could hear it.

I did lift the bonnet a few times as my children are learning to drive so I have been showing them where the oil etc is and all looked good.
They do not learn in my car, only I drive it.

The thermostat sounds like a cheap replacement hope that is all it is.

I am hoping as everything seemed to be smooth; no high temps showing on dash board until that one day, and the mechanic who took me to garage said plenty of fluid in radiator and somewhere else so he thought not too much damamge done just a leaking bottel that the repairs wont be too expensive.
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Oct 14, 2014 (6 years ago)
A Blown Fuse so simple :)

Hi I thought I would come back and tell what the cause was.

The coolant bottle broke so was replaced, the temp guage still showed too high so car was serviced this morning and a replacement fuse solved the temp guage issue.
Still no idea what the noise from the engine is but will make sure I explain exactly what I mean to the mechanic.
Do automatic car engines make a lot of noise when switched off?
Sounds like the fan overworking, This time I will tape it and go in, will proberly look silly but so what.

Cost of service was to be £180 but bottle was replaced seperate to service so another £41.
Total bill at end £291 I do not have a breakdown of charges as I have not collected the car yet.

Good Luck everyone, hope a blown fuse is the height of any problems.
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May 20, 2015 (6 years ago)
Hello I have checked under the bonnet today and the coolant is nearly finished.
The only bits left are in tiny pools in the uneven bottom of the bottle.
I have done an internet search which suggests coolant should last 10 years.
Mine was replaced, bottle and all in Oct 2014
What are peoples thoughts?
Garage done a bad job or my bad luck.
Complete service every year since I bought her 3 years ago in the same garage, a Ford Garage.

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