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2002 Ford Focus Problem

The Problem

Avatar gmurray1
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I have a small problem which I am worried may become worse if left unchecked.

The car seems to judder at times, as though it is misfiring, however, when listening to the engine it seems to be running smoothly. The problem seems to happen more at lower revs (2-3,000 revs) and when cold. It feels like the car just take a step back in its path and is not completely smooth in its operation.

It is not noticable at high speed but this may be because the other bumps in the road disguise the problem.

I asked around where I work and they say I may just need to have the fuel injectors cleaned but I would like some more professional advice please.

I would appreciate any advice anyone could give me.


Car Ford Focus
Variant ST170
Model Year 2002
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar thomkas_cars
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replace the fuel filter and put some injector treatment in to the tank and fill up the tank

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