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I am an old retired mechanic. My grandson's car had a new DPF fitted approx. 35,000 miles ago by previous owner. In recent times the code for blocked DPF has become a problem. Ford's say new filter required. I fitted new DPF and a reconditioned turbo and all seemed well. After 86 miles the new DPF is now said to be blocked, or at least that's what the computer says. I do not believe there is anything wrong with the engine or exhaust system, i believe the problem is with the computer. Anybody any ideas on how i can get my G'sons car back to running properly


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Year 2008
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DPF blockage in that mileage is possible if the vehicle is only use on short trips,
So ideal world would be to plug it in to Ford diagnostics and check.
Actual DPF % can be read off,
And a forced regen might be possible though I'm unsure if that make/model has that capacity.
Or use a can of "Wurth" DPF regen,
shouldn't be a problem for an old school mechanic to use the stuff.
'course there's other treatments out there but I haven't used them,
The Wurth stuff I have used.
And theres DPF cleaners that cook the soot out
DPF has too come off for this but again your up to that.
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if you fitted a new DPF did you reset the counters etc in the ECU ? Not many things are plug and play these days
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Because it was a reconditioned turbo, the car was driven at 2000 revs approx. for the 86 miles to allow the turbo to bed in. We went up the motorway so I don't think there was an opportunity to get the DPF sooted-up. I "think" the problem is access to a reset button or code,but I could be wrong.
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Focus running in Limp mode

After installing new DPF and being "old School" I have no idea how to reset the CPU, but very happy to accept advice.


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you will need to have it plugged in to Ford diagnostics to reset counters etc
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Maybe you could try cleaning the ERG valve .
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I am in the process of doing that at the minute. I will keep you al lposted.


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