2010 Ford Focus 1.6 titanium Slow to turn over then starts

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Problem added: Dec 19, 2014 (5 years ago)
for a few days the car has been slow to turn over especially left overnight in my garage.
it is a keyless entry and start, when you press down clutch pedal then push the start button it turns slow the headlights flash then after a couple of times fires up, also the alarm/immobiliser flashes for about a minute but then goes out when engine is running.
Once the car runs its fine on a good run, after an hour or so the car turns over as normal but overnight in my garage or a few hours or so then back to square one. I have had the battery tested and the garage said it read low but not very low in which I witnessed, but would this be the main problem, is it worth getting a new battery,i don't want to get a new one in case it does not solve it, but then again its needed.

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Car: Ford Focus
Variant: 1.6 titanium
Model Year: 2010
Category: Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights

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Dec 19, 2014 (5 years ago)
Sounds like battery , was it load tested? Could try fully charging if it is low and passes load test.
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Dec 20, 2014 (5 years ago)
Thanks for advice, I had started it up that morning after a few turns then drove about 10 miles then drove back home to my local garage then they tested it on car in which it was on the borderline of halfway to low.. but then drove home and left it overnight in my garage turned it over in morning then about 4 turns of start button then it fired up..
Fixes: 12,509
Dec 20, 2014 (5 years ago)
You are best to fully charge battery , especially if only doing short trips .At this time of year you usually have more switched on , lights , heater demister , wipers etc taking more out of battery and making alternator work harder to replace charge .
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Dec 20, 2014 (5 years ago)
Many thanks I will charge battery and wait and see.. Thanks again.
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