Clutch pedal return spring
2005 Ford Focus C-Max 1.6

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Problem added: Aug 5, 2010 (10 years ago)
The clutch pedal return spring broke today. I should be able to fit a new one myself, the only problem being is, as it has broken I can't see where it was mounted! Can anyone help with a pic or diagram, please.

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Car: Ford Focus C-Max
Variant: 1.6
Model Year: 2005
Category: Gearbox & Clutch
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Aug 5, 2010 (10 years ago)
Never done one , but seems quite common and an awkward job . This might help , (see threads at bottom of page )

Best of luck .
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Aug 6, 2010 (10 years ago)
Thanks "Whittingehame" found the link very useful. The chap that used the 2 lines of pennies in the spring certainly saved me a LOT of time.
Fitted the new spring today and it took me 30-40 mins, tops. Spring cost £4.41 inc. vat.
To any one that has the same problem follow these steps.
1: Fill the spring coils with 2 rows of pennies either side.(hooked 1 end of spring into washing line loop fixed to wall and put large screwdriver through other end & levered off the wall whilst my “assistant” put in the pennies)
2: Adjust steering wheel out & up. This allows you to see the top of the pedal, which is just an open hook. To see where the other end of the spring mounts you'll need to lie on your back with your head by the pedals. Where pedal box mounts to the baulkhead you'll see where the old spring has rubbed against it. The small hook of the spring will go through the small hole nearby (hook downwards into the hole)
3: Now, this bit I decided to do, but whether you can get away without doing so, you can decide. I noticed that the 3 pieces of dash at the bottom right wouldn't take much time to remove. Firstly, I removed the little end piece of facia that tucks under the door seal, then the long piece at the bottom that crosses over the pedals. Both only required a little teasing. Then for the larger piece you'll notice one securing screw sraight away. You'll need a TX20 screwdriver to remove that screw( not the correct size but it easily removed the screw). The second screw is slightly hidden to the left end of the facia piece, but by teasing the main piece of facia down a bit you can just get the screw out. Doing this enabled me to get both hands into the top of the pedal.
4: If not done so already fit short hook into baulkhead hole. If you've got enough coins in, the long hook should easily pop over pedal hook. Once over pedal hook, depress pedal and most of the coins should drop out. The others may need a little helping hand to drop out. Refit facia pieces and the job's a goodun!
The man at the dealer says they charge 1 hour(£75) to fit the spring & it takes 2 fitters to do it!! Hope all goes well for you ;-)
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May 7, 2012 (8 years ago)
Thanks for the extra details dn, I have just done this and it took me less than an hour. Its an ass of a job but if you remove the trim underneath the steering column like dn says and squeeze your arm in, it can be done. just make sure you know where the bottom hole is first then you can blind feed it. I have took some photos of the spring with the 5p coins in and where the bottom and top hook are, contact me if you want a copy sent via email.

I tried the wire pull trick but it didnt work for me, so I pulled the clutch peddle up hard and it just slipped on, if I was to do it again I would try and put an extra few 5p's on top of each other to stretch the spring a bit more.

Good luck and take your time.

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