Aux sound muted
2013 Ford Fiesta Zetec

When I press 'aux' to play music from my usb the sound is muted and I can't find out how to unmute the sound.

Problem added: Jan 14, 2022 (1 week ago)
Ford Fiesta (2013)
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This is from the owners handbook ,

1. Make sure your vehicle is stationary
with the radio and portable music
players turned off.
2. Plug the extension cable from the
portable music player into the auxiliary
input jack.
3. Switch the radio on. Select either a
tuned FM station or a CD.
4. Adjust the volume as desired.
5. Switch the portable music player on
and adjust its volume to half its
maximum level.
6. Press AUX until LINE or LINE IN
appears in the display. You should hear
music from your device even if it is low.
7. Adjust the volume on your portable
music player until it reaches the volume
level of the FM station or CD. Do this
by switching back and forth between
the AUX and FM or CD controls.
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