Driver's courtesy light stays on
2017 Ford Fiesta Titanium

The two ceiling courtesy light turn-on when I open the door and enter the car (as expected). But when I start the engine and drive off the passenger's courtesy light turns off automatically after a short time ( as it should), but the driver's courtesy light stays ON.

I can turn the driver's light OFF by toggling the manual switch in the ceiling next to the driver's courtesy light, but for safety reasons I clearly shouldn't do this whilst driving.

When I turn the engine off, exit the car and lock the doors, all of the lights turn off as normal after a short delay. By the way, I have a keyless stop/start system and lock the doors by touching the driver's door handle whilst the key is in my pocket.

This fault only began about 4 weeks ago, but it happens every time I use the car now.

Problem added: Jan 6, 2022 (1 week ago)
Barry Roper
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Ford Fiesta (2017)
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Check that the light switch is in the door contact position and reading lamp switches are operating o.k and not accidently switched on or sticking . Likewise if fitted with rear reading lamps . Shows correct position fr setting in owners handbook
Thanks whittingehame

My first experience this morning was that within about 4 seconds of switching on the ignition the left (passenger's) courtesy light went out but the right(driver's) one stayed on and I had to switch it off manually by depressing the rocker switch to position C and then back to the neutral B position (door actuated).
Later on whilst sat in a stationary car I fiddled around with rocker switch following the descriptions in the manual, where rocker position A is all lamps on. I kept turning the ignition on and off to see what effect that had.
Eventually it all appeared to be working normally and both courtesy lamps operated synchronously in the same way.
I'm not sure what I did to change the behaviour but I'll keep on monitoring the lamps to see if the "fault" has cleared.
Thank you for update . Hope it was just a " glitch " and all is well .
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