Petrol Filling

2009 Ford Fiesta Problem

The Problem

Avatar Nadine Law
Joined: 2 weeks ago | Profile

When I filled up with petrol last night I went to the far side of the pump and had to pull the petrol hose over the back of the car and then the petrol went everywhere and appeared to come out of the bottom of the car. I waited for the RAC for 2.5 hours and then got the car pushed out of the way of the petrol pumps and started the engine (as it had 43p worth of fuel in it) I tried to fill up this morning on the correct side and the petrol nozzle kept cutting out. I eventually managed to put £20 worth in and it hasn't leaked since. Have I damaged something?

Car Ford Fiesta
Variant Zetec
Model Year 2009

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Avatar whittingehame
Joined: 9 years ago | Fixes: 12,011 | Profile

It's imperative with the capless fuel system that you insert the nozzle correctly .

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