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Avatar Kritche86
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I have a few problems with my car im wondering if you guys could help with

1. I unlock the car, jump in , close door, just sit there. occasional, the locks will make what i can only think of as an attempt to lock, which makes a hell of a echoing clunking noise from the drivers door.
- this also occasionally ( and i mean rarely) happens while im driving, but aswell as the clunking noise it seems to flash my hazards aswell.
2. ive noticed that while using the radio/aux to play music, my right driver door speaker doesnt work properly, then suddenly burst into to life intermittantly for a second or two, usually when im doing something else (ie shifting gear)
3. occasionally it will tell me passenger door is open, sometimes during driving, but normally when im trying to lock the car (wont let me, i have to slam the door a few times)

wondering if this might be it earthing/shorting ? or a wiring issue?

Car Ford Fiesta
Variant 1.25 style climate
Model Year 2007
Category Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
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Avatar whittingehame
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Check the wiring where it passes through from the A frame into the the door ( in rubber sheath ) for damage

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