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Avatar Roger Lush
Joined: 2 years ago | Profile

I am getting (intermittently) a significant puddle of water in the rear (driver side) footwell - it has happened now on two occasions, but doesn't appear to happen when washing or after heavy rain, have checked the obvious, like door seals, blocked drain holes, window closed fully, so cannot see any obvious reason, after drying out, problem does not reoccur at any regular time period. Anyone else had this problem?

Car Ford Fiesta
Variant 1.6 (90) Tdci titanium
Model Year 2009
Category Leaks & Noises

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Avatar 1/4drive
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Checked the seals between the rear light lens clusters and the body?


Avatar paulieone
Joined: 10 years ago | Fixes: 1,664 | Profile

Do you have A/C?.If so not sure which side drain is for A/C but could be the problem if the drain is blocked also if you have a sunroof it could be a blocked drain on that side.I would also check the door membrane behind the door card on that side


Avatar paulieone
Joined: 10 years ago | Fixes: 1,664 | Profile

Another thought is pipe for rear washer


Avatar Garvey777
Joined: 2 years ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

I had a similar problem with my Mk 7 Fiesta though it was also in the drivers foot-well too, it turned out to be the weld below and to the left, as you view from the front, of the windscreen, weld is visible when the bonnet is open.
tried everything to prove where the leak was coming from with no joy so it had to go to a dealership with the equipment to do so. All in all total cost was over £600.

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