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i'm having probs starting my car from hot...it takes a while to start from cold & has been very lumpy on acceleration. when i turn off the ignition after driving it will not start after its switched off for at least 20 to 40 minutes...

Car Ford Escort
Variant xr3i converted to turbo
Year 1989
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I would say a good service to start, plugs, oil and air filter changed, fuel system flushed, not alot of electrics on these cars
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i had a new set of plugs fitted about a month ago but i had this problem before they were fitted...it cant be fuel because the engine doesn't turn over at all....the other problem i have is on acceleration...if i gradually accelerate its fine but as soon as i floor it the car holds back & pops
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If it doesnt even turn over, you need to start your diagnostics at the easiest point, check you have a constant positive feed at your starter aswell as an ignition feed when the key is in the CRANK position, also check that your starter is well earthed. Some times on the older escorts, the earth strap breaks which goes onto the gearbox, this might possible also affect the injection (if it has it )
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