1990 Fiat Panda body rust needs welding do i do it or give up the car

Car: Fiat Panda
Year: 1990
I've had the car for just over 8 years, through this time it has served me well needing minor repairs and bits replaced to keep it going. in order to keep it on the road the car needs some welding doing to the body, under drivers seat. Could cost a bit to fix, not sure what to do.
Posted: Jul 11, 2009 (14 years ago)
well just ask yourself is it worth it like you say but you could repair it and have another years of motoring out of it and then decide what to do
Posted Jul 11, 2009 (14 years ago)
Hi Steve here we had a couple of Pandas Great cars in there day , if you want to go ahead with the welding, get the whole car checked , first , how long is your MOT , the car may need more welding for that. All the Best.
Posted Jul 15, 2009 (14 years ago)

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