Brake lights keep blowing

2007 Citroen C8 Problem

The Problem

Avatar BernieF
Joined: 8 years ago | Profile

Both brake lights blew at the weekend. The high level one is still working OK.
I replaced both bulbs and when I tested them on the drive, they worked fine. After driving a short distance (3 miles), one had blown and the other was stuck on (i.e. showing that I was braking when I wasn't).

Is this simply a fuse or relay gone or is it more likely a switch stuck on? If it is a switch stuck on, does anyone out there know how to repair/replace it and where to start looking?

Not sure if it is relevant but I have noticed a high pitched squeak coming from the rear wheels when driving slowly.

Thanks for your help

Car Citroen C8
Variant 2.0 SX
Model Year 2007
Category Leaks & Noises

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Avatar paulieone
Joined: 10 years ago | Fixes: 1,664 | Profile

does your rear washer work ok? There is a connector on the offside rear behind the light that can get covered in water if the rear washer pipe comes apart near it. worth checking out

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